How to Post on Instagram from a PC or Laptop

How to Post on Instagram from a PC or Laptop

Sometimes when you want to post anything from a PC or laptop then on a laptop you will not find any option to post. But I will find for you the best way to post on Instagram from a PC or laptop. If you try to post any pictures on a PC from a browser then you don’t know to post anything but I here to solve your problem. If you want to post on Instagram then must read this article because this article very helpful for you. In this article, I will show you How to Post on Instagram from a PC or Laptop.

Instagram is the best platform for video sharing and pictures to gain followers. Even most of the popular people have an Instagram to post something. When you post something on Instagram then the other person or your family members will follow you then they will see your all-new post. When someone follows you then you can chat with someone who follows you. Sometimes people will also post the advertisement to grow his business. The developer of Instagram is Facebook and both social networking are too popular.

Post on Instagram Using a PC or Laptop

Step 1. Open your Instagram on your PC or laptop then login with your account.

Step 2. Right-click on the empty place then select the Inspect and then shortcut to go to the inspect just press Ctrl + Shift + I.

Click on the Inspect

Step 3. In inspect you need to click on the Toggle Device Toolbar.

Click on the Toggle Device Toolbar

Step 4. Now choose the mobile for Instagram for the post simply click on the iPhone 6/7/8.

Click on the iPhone 6/7/8

Step 5. Once you choose the mobile then Refresh your page.

Refresh Your Page

Step 6. Next click on the + icon to upload videos and pictures.

Click on the + icon

Post on Instagram Using Safari on PC and Laptop

Step 1. At first, open your safari on the browser then click on the Safari from the menu after that check the box of Show Developer Menu in Menu Bar.

Check the Box of Show Developer Menu in Menu Bar

Step 2. Launch the Instagram on safari then right-click on the empty place then click on the Inspect Element.

Click on the Inspect Element

Step 3. When the inspect element is open successfully then go to the Develop then select Enter Responsive Design Mode.

Select Enter Responsive Design Mode

Step 4. Now, choose the mobile as you want then simply Refresh your page after that click on the + icon then post the videos and pictures you want.

Click on the + icon

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Signing Off…

This is the way to Post on Instagram from a PC or Laptop. I was all about. How to Post on Instagram from a PC or Laptop. So, if you have faced any kind of problem while following the steps then don’t hesitate to leave comments in the comment section below.

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