How to Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox in Windows 10

How to Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox in Windows 10

So, Windows 10 is the operating system that has been out for more than a couple of years now. I still get the question on how to perform certain tasks and which setting to use within the operating system whether. You are new to windows 10. Having just upgraded from an older operating system recently purchased a new computer with Windows 10 pre-installed or like many others have become frustrated with Mac OS operating system from Apple and have finally made the switch to a Windows computer. It is better to test it out on a virtual machine so that you should have a better experience.

We will use a virtual machine by the name of VirtualBox where you can install every operating system completely for free. Whenever you are going to use any operating system for the first time then VirtualBox will be the best option to go for. For further information read out the down below paragraph.

What is VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a free and open-source solution to be able to run another operating system virtually on your PC. You may have heard of the terms virtualization software hypervisor or Virtual machine basically what the software does is that it allow an entire operating system which I will refer to as the guest to run on another operating system which I will refer to as the host there are several reasons why you’d want to run Virtual machine on your computer.

1: Download & Install VirtualBox VM

Step 1: First, download the latest version of VirtualBox for Windows. Click Windows Hosts and the download will begin automatically.

Step 2: so, Click on the Next.

Click On The Next.

Step 3: However, Click on the Install.

Click On The Install.

Step 4: When your install is done then click on the finish.

Click On The Finish.

2. Download Windows 10 ISO File to Install Windows on VirtualBox

First off, head over to the Windows 10 download page. If you are a Windows user, MS will prompt you to download the Media Creation Tool before allowing you to download an OS image.

3. Create a New Virtual Machine

Step 1: Once you have downloaded and installed both the Windows 10 ISO and VirtualBox and open the VirtualBox then click on the New.

Click On The New

Step 2: Now, type in a Name for the virtual machine, and in the type, you select Mircosoft Windows, and in the version, you can select windows 10  64bit then click on the Next.

Click On The Next.

Step 3: Set the RAM size to at least 4 GB, 4096 MB then Click on the Next.

Set The RAM Size Then Click On The Next

Step 4:First click on Create a virtual hard disk now and then Click On The Create.

Click On The Create

Step 5: Now, Click on VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and click on Next.

Click On The Next

Step 6: First, Click on Dynamically allocated and click on Next.

Click On Dynamically allocated And Click On The Next

Step 7: Now, Click On The Create.

Click On The Create

4. Installing Windows 10 via VirtualBox

Step 1: Go back to VirtualBox, and then click Start.

Click On the Start.

Step 2:  Click the folder with the green up arrow to choose the Windows 10 ISO file.

Click the folder with the green up arrow

Step 3: Click on the Add.

Click On The Add

Step 4: So, Locate the Windows 10 ISO file and then click on Open.

Click On The Open.

Step 5: However, Make sure that Windows 10 ISO file then clicks on the Choose.

Click On The Choose.

Step 6: Click on the Start.

Click On The Start.

Step 7: However, Choose the Time, Keyboard, and Language, and then click Next.

Choose The Time, Keyboard, And Language, And Then Click Next.

Step 8: Click on Install Now.

Click On The Install Now.

Step 9: Click on the Next.

Click On The Next.

Step 10: So, Click on the Custom.

Click on the Custom.

Step 11: However, Click on the unallocated drive and click on the Next

Step 12: So, In my case, I have successfully installed Windows 10 on VirtualBox.

Signing off

So, it is all about How to Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox in Windows 10. There is one to install Windows 10 on VirtualBox in Windows 10. Lastly, if you have faced any kind of problem while following the steps then don’t hesitate to leave comments in the comment section below.

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